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Studio 40

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity, website design and digital assets for a not-for-profit arts organisation

studio 40 logo-100.jpg

Studio 40, an arts organization committed to offering studio spaces, workshops, and exhibition venues to creative individuals across South Wales, sought to address challenges arising from fierce competition and
a demanding economic landscape. In response, I created a revitalized visual identity for Studio 40.

Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Brand Identity Design
Website Design

The solution I crafted comprises a bold and playful logo, supported by

an intense color palette and vibrant typography. This dynamic visual combination aims to not only capture attention but also communicate

the organization's energy and commitment to fostering creativity.
The combined use of a striking logo, vibrant colors, and lively typography positions
Studio 40 as a bold presence in the arts community, helping

them stand out in a competitive environment and attract the attention

of their target audience.

Brand Identity Design

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