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The Cotswold Project

Brand identity for a community interest company which provides individuals with personalised interactions with horses and nature. 

Brand Identity Design

The Cotswold Project Logo

The Cotswold Project operates as a community interest company, dedicated to providing individuals with personalised interactions with horses and nature. Horses are housed in conditions that prioritise their natural needs, fostering an environment where people can engage with them authentically. Nestled in the picturesque Cotswold countryside, visitors are invited to appreciate the abundant wildlife while experiencing the holistic approach of the Cotswold Project farm.

The Cotswold Project Beanie and Window

The project's logo features a straightforward crest enclosing an illustration of a horse, supported by two hands and surrounded by scattered leaves forming a heart shape. This design succinctly conveys the project's mission of nurturing horses with care and compassion within their natural habitat. The predominant use of black in the brand's visual identity conveys a sense of seriousness, juxtaposed with the majestic elegance of the horses. This color choice also serves to differentiate the project from similar environmental initiatives that often lean towards earthier tones.

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The Cotswold Project Banner
The Cotswold Project Business Cards
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