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of Lean

Brand identity system for a 30+ female weight loss programme which promotes
a healthy attitude towards training hard and eating a balanced diet

Brand Identity Design

QOL FINAL 1_2x-20.jpg

Queen of Lean is an ambitious weight-loss programme aimed at helping females over 30 lose weight and improve their overall health. As well as providing a physical site for clients, Queen of Lean also offers expert advice, nutritional programmes and one-to-one support. The business was founded by Richard Clarke, a personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in helping women over the age of 30 to lose weight. Queen of Lean represents Clarke’s evolution from a personal brand into a corporate company. In order to take the business to the next level, Clarke needed a visual identity that would convey the passion and enthusiasm for helping women reach their health goals using practical yet highly effective methods. 

Hand Drawn Illustration
Custom Graphic Design
Custom Graphic Design

The Queen of Lean visual identity is made up of a combination of a striking set of logo variations, bold typography and playful illustrations, grounded by
a distinctively feminine colour palette. The illustrations, depicting a wide variety of female forms, bring warmth to the brand collateral. This offsets the unapologetic tone of the brand, while depicting imagery associated with the gym as fun and accessible. Hand-drawn typography was employed for the hashtag ‘lean queen’, adding a touch of unique character, while pairing well with the primary logo.

Custom Graphic Design

The logo comes in a variety of forms, designed to accommodate for the numerous contexts it will be seen in. Stemming from an abstract crown combined with a letter mark using Niveau Grotesk, the combination allows for a wide variety of both abstract and letter-based marks. Whether it's employed on small-scale business cards, printed merchandise or on large signage, the Queen of Lean logo maintains a distinct, eye-catching presence. With an increase in demand from existing clients and novice customers alike, the new visual identity will act as the face of the brand as it evolves. 

Custom Graphic Design

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