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The Glynn 
Vivian Gallery

Design for the The Glynn Vivian newsletter, a subscription-based publication steered towards updating readers on local

arts events

Editorial Design

glynn viv newsletter 6.jpg

The Glynn Vivian Newsletter is read by a network of members and volunteers who share in common a passion for preserving the galleries’ collection, as well as promoting local practitioners in the South Wales area. The Friends release a quarterly newsletter, offering a place for a diverse range of practitioners to share their techniques and logic. In the Autumn of 2022, I took over the editorship and design of the The Glynn Vivian Newsletter, working closely with the team to secure the consistency in tone and layout of this
long-standing staple of Welsh art news. 

Digital Graphic Design
Editorial Design

A compact, informative outlet with sparse room, it was essential for the articles to sit compactly on the pages, while preserving the sense of sophistication associated with the gallery. To cater for the range of subjects covered, the layout needed to be flexible. Fluid spacing is central to the design system adopted.  For editorial use, Caslon is a traditional, elegant typeface with an undercurrent of modern suave.

Editorial Design
Editorial Design
Editorial Design

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