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Patti Mckenna

Brand Identity Design

Logo and brand identity for a multi-talented creative freelancer who wanted to market their skills using a linear visual system

Custom Logo Design

Patti is the name used by Patti Mckenna, a freelance creative with an assorted skill set. Struggling to encompass the complex nature of her services, Patti needed a visual identity that would unite her core strengths: drawing, hosting community workshops and teaching percussion. The solution was a brand
made up of a primary colour palette, bold iconography and creative lettering.
This fluid foundation acts as a base for advertising Patti’s array of
creative services.

Iconography Design
Custom Logo Design

Inspired by the reductive forms of early 20th avant-garde Russian artists, 
the Patti brand iconography is made up of a combination of abstract and figurative forms. These icons can be used in isolation or collectively. While decorative, they can also be used to distinguish between the different services Patti provides. 

Booklet Design
Graphic Design
Packaging Design

Whether working with asylum seekers, disabled people or LGBTQ+ communities, Patti is passionate about sharing knowledge with marginalised communities. This was an important factor to consider when designing the visual identity, as the imagery associated with her services need to be welcoming, friendly and fun. The use of a multicoloured colour palette, alongside the employment of lively illustrations and a hand drawn logotype
is combined to create an up-beat brand identity that has an inclusive,
modern feel. 

Alongside staple business collateral such as business cards, posters, stickers, etc, Patti commissioned the design of custom delivery boxes. A regular exhibitor at local galleries, Patti wanted to ensure that every brand
touch-point left a positive impression. 

Business Card Design
Poster Design

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