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Digital Content, Marketing 

Digital assets, social media content and marketing material for a leading health and beauty brand based in Llansamlet,

south Wales

Website Banner Design

During my tenure at Dr. Organic, my primary responsibility centered around curating content for a diverse range of social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok. My focus was on delivering content that not only showcased creativity but also maintained brand consistency. Simultaneously, I spearheaded the creation, editing, and regular updating of all digital marketing content for the company, spanning website content, blog posts, and marketing collateral. 

Social Media Post Design

In addition to these responsibilities, I actively contributed to the implementation of new and innovative design-led initiatives and marketing packages. This involved translating new marketing concepts into tangible outcomes and orchestrating paid-for marketing exposure. In my role as
a digital designer, I played a crucial part in addressing ad-hoc requests from internal teams, providing details, marketing materials, or brand-related information. These requests ranged from product image requisitions to supporting international social media efforts, thereby contributing to the overall success of the brand's digital presence.

Custom Photography
Custom Photography
Custom Photography

As a digital designer, my role extended to the creation of original content for Dr. Organic's social media and digital platforms. This encompassed a diverse range of content, ranging from hand-drawn illustrations and custom typography to engaging product photography. My responsibility was to infuse creativity into the brand's digital presence, ensuring that each piece of content resonated with the target audience and reflected the unique identity of Dr. Organic.

Social Media Post Design

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