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Loook Cafe

Brand Identity, Illustration

Brand identity and illustrations for an independent cafe based in the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery.

loook 5.jpg

This project is a re-branding proposal that I created for the Glynn Vivian Cafe. The frugal approach of the overall design allows for the chosen typeface, Brandon Grotesque, to act as the underlying voice of the brand. Brandon Grotesque is rooted in the development of Edward Johnson's work for the London Underground (1916), which radiates warmth in spite of its geometric clarity. It is this balance between the sophisticated geometric structuring of the letterform and the playful air of the typeface that lends itself to a location like the Glynn Vivian cafe. Situated in the ground floor of the gallery's new extension (a modernist utopia), the cafe acts as the manifestation of the gallery's optimistic outlook going into the future. Brandon Grotesque, with its harking back to the golden age of modernism (early 1900s) sits perfectly within the environment of the this impressive building. The up-beat and playful aura of the typeface, meanwhile, reflects the strategic values of the brand - to provide an accessible space for the public where creativity is integrated into the everyday act of eating. 

Design Concept_edited.jpg
loook Poster
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