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Style Scapes

Exploring the Creative Process of Designing a Brand Identity System.


Why do I use style-scapes?

Style Scapes synchronise typography, image, colour, and atmosphere to encapsulate a particular design direction. Before delving into the design process and potentially wasting time or resources, developing a general theme can help to establish a reference point between the designer and client. A style scape is like a mood board – an attempt to define an elusive theme through collecting various visual assets into a single space, with consistent threads connecting each image together. Style Scapes take this process to a new level, as they give the audience an idea of what the specific products will look like, relative to their final objective.

Especially when working on a brand identity system for a client, I like to establish at least three separate style directions to chose from. To this aim, three style scapes are created, usually centered around a handful of ‘key words’ that have been discussed with the client. In response to these key words, research is carried out to find appropriate textures, photographs, mock-ups, type samples and layouts. Once the client has chosen their stylescape of preference, the process of establishing a rigid identity system begins. The practice of aligning with the client’s intentions saves time, clarifies vision and paves the way for a smooth working process.

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