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Rich Outdoors

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity for a guided mountaineering service aimed at providing a safe, informal experience

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Custom Logo Design
Custom Logo Design

Founded by outdoor enthusiast Rich Jones, Rich Outdoors offers personalized, one-to-one guided mountaineering experiences tailored for
a female audience. With a primary focus on providing a safe and informal outdoor adventure, the brand's visual identity was carefully curated to reflect these values.

For the lettermark, I opted for hand-drawn typography, instilling an immediate sense of authenticity and approachability. This choice adds
a personal touch to the brand, forming a sense of connection with the audience. The logo is versatile, easily adaptable into a simple 'RO' mark without sacrificing its playful character.

Logo Design
Business Card Design
Poster Design

Drawing inspiration from the deep earth's naturally occurring ochres, the chosen color palette creates a warm and organic feel. Gradient lines reminiscent of those found on maps are integrated, adding a playful touch and creating recognizable patterns throughout the Rich Outdoors brand.

To enhance the brand's visual appeal, a naive illustration style is employed, complemented by outdoor photography characterized by natural lighting. This combination not only reinforces the brand's commitment to authenticity but also resonates with its target audience, inviting them to embark on a unique and enjoyable outdoor experience with Rich Outdoors.

T-shirt Design
Custom Logo Design
Custom Logo Design

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