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Brand identity design for a creative network based in south Wales

Brand Identity Design

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Custom Logo Design
Social Media Graphic Design
Printed Collateral Design

Established in 2023, Cartref Creative is committed to uniting creative minds in the industries across Neath Port Talbot, Swansea, Carmarthenshire, and Pembrokeshire. The network's core mission is to empower members by fostering connections, facilitating promotion, and organising

educational events.

I crafted a visual identity for Cartref Creative, encompassing a distinctive logotype, typography, colour palette, and illustrations. With "Cartref" meaning 'home' in Welsh, I aimed to capture this essence in the logo without being overly literal. By rearranging the fundamental forms of a house,
I created an abstract set of shapes that form a versatile pattern. This pattern serves as a unifying element across various brand applications, from printed materials like posters, business cards, and leaflets to digital formats such as social media graphics and slideshow presentations.

The bold colour palette and dynamic shapes synergise to shape a vibrant brand that aligns with the excitement surrounding the launch of this collaborative endeavour. Cartref Creative's visual identity reflects its commitment to creativity, innovation, and a sense of community

among its members.

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Social Media Graphic Design

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